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  • GLOSSY AND RUST FREE: Made up of premium solid iron, this pot is long-lasting. It is corrosion-free and unbreakable. The upper glossy coating is everlasting and won’t let the dust settle on the flower pot.
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED: Available in diameter of 12 cm, it is highly durable and small plants could be easily accommodated in this planter.
  • SOPHISTICATED STYLE: Comes with a sturdy look, sphere-shaped, it’s a real treat for eyes for ancient metal art lovers.
  • IDEAL FOR GIFTING: Planters are an evergreen gifting option to cherish your loved ones. Eco-friendly and delightful, it’s the best gifting preference both for nature lovers and aesthetes.
  • COMPLEMENTARY PLATE STAND: The exclusive plate stand protects the water from spilling and makes it easier. It also adds charm and elegance to the planter.

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Iron stand with pot description

Indoor Planters for Every Sized Plant

Iron stand with pots are suitable for every small-sized indoor plant like succulents pot, cactus pot, aloe plant’s planter, golden pothos planter or can be used as oxygen generator snake plant pot and jade plants pots, etc. Though this metal indoor planter pot comes with a drainage hole at the bottom. So you can directly pot your indoor plants in these pots. However, we advise buyers to use a small 3-4 inches nursery pot inside a metal pot for more durability of your purchase and that makes this item a plant container. For every aspect of your indoor plant. You would like to spot our metal indoor planters on your house or office desk.

Importance of metal planters

Metal indoor planters, pots are alternate for the clay or plastic pots for your indoor decor. As we are heading towards sustainable development to meet global standards. We must go with metal planters for our indoor or outdoor garden decor. Metal planters are not only a better choice for the health of your plants but also a symbol of class for your indoor decoration. Apart from that Ceramic and terracotta pots are quite heavy. Especially when filled with soil they are often broken if you drop them and metal pots have an advantage over these. During the ancient and medieval era, metal was the most prominent pottery/ pots. Were used everywhere as home decorative items, based on which some of our metal planters are just based on ancient planting theme as a part of the revival of our metal culture.

Suitable for gifting ideas

This Iron stand with pot is for small plants. Thus can be a better choice of gifting for your sister or brother for a birthday. A gifting idea for a friend’s anniversary, or a budget indoor plant pot for corporate gifting ideas. The bottom plate stand of this metal planter makes this planter a classy and stiff item for any desk or wall shelf placement.

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    Iron stand with pot photo review
    October 26, 2021
    Just wowwwwww🤩. Isse nahi liye toh phir kya liye. Go for it 😸.
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