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Here is a highly-effective paint sprayer that saves you from the trouble of painting using brushes, rollers, and paint trays that creates a lot of mess around along with a not-so-perfect coverage as well With the portable spray paint machine, all your difficulty is minimized with fast and easy painting.

Besides, you can save a lot of paint and money when you opt for an electric spray painting machine. The simple one-touch operation of this device allows you to paint your home on your own and save a lot of your money.

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Portable spray paint machine specification:-

  • Input Voltage: AC 220-240V 60Hz,
  • Power Consumption: 650 Watt.
  • Atomizing Output: 105W.
  • Container Capacity: 800ml
  • Hose Length: 1.5m
  • Maximum Viscosity: 130 DIN/Sec
  • Motor Speed: 32000 rpm


This advanced spray technology provides complete professional finishing and saves a lot of your money that usually gets spent on a one-time whitewash at home. Paint Sprayer is a fabulous paint spraying machine that helps in beautifully painting your home walls and various other surfaces including stucco, brick, paneling, ceiling, wood, concrete, etc. Now you can easily transform your room into your favorite color without appointing contractual painters for the same. The portable spray paint machine is made up of ultra-light and ultra-durable material that helps in painting different surfaces in just a few minutes.

How To Used

It is easy to use and delivers great results without creating any mess. With Paint Sprayer, you can now avoid the mess created by paintbrushes and rollers. It is quick and easy to paint with a Paint sprayer. Ultra-Light and Portable Spray Paint Machine for You. With a commercial-grade motor and no compressor. The Electric Portable Spray Paint Machine is super light in weight and portable to let you experience ultimate comfort while painting. The machine comes with a carrying strap that lets you carry the machine anywhere. The no-drip application and 3-way direct-dial spray head make it easy for you to paint difficult corners and angles.

You can use the spray gun to spray undulating or slightly diluted paint, lacquer, and varnish. If the paint needs to be diluted, start by diluting it by 10%. Fill a container with one liter of the paint you wish to use. Keep in mind that the viscosity measuring cup holds up to one deciliter. Cover the opening and fill the cup with the given below. If the paint needs to be diluted further, dilute it by another 5%( half the measuring cup) and measure the viscosity. If the paint still has not reached the recommended viscosity. Repeat the previous step until the correct viscosity is reached. A portable spray paint machine can be used with products with a viscosity index of 25 to 50 seconds. Submerge the viscosity measuring cup in the material to fill it.

Time how long it takes for all the material to flow out of the cup use the following recommendation as a guide. But also consult the instructions on the material you wish to use to find out if the material needs to be diluted.


Water-based paint and emulsion 25-50 seconds. Enamel paint and water and solvent-based colored lacquer 45-50 seconds. Varnish- use undiluted Primers-45-50 seconds wood coating, coloring agent, oil, disinfectants, phytosanitary products- use undiluted wish to use has its own instruction, follow them.

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Dimensions 370 × 240 × 210 cm


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